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AI and ML

Unprecedented understanding of an often misunderstood and misrepresented technology.

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The popular concept of Artificial Intelligence arose around the same time as early modern computers, and the early science fiction depictions of “mechanical minds” that began in the 1950s persist even today. This means it’s still a challenge to market and sell when even the basics are so often misunderstood. Even the name – “artificial intelligence” is misleading, in most use-cases, machine learning is a much more accurate descriptor, and in this descriptor it alludes to the real-world use-case of AI – machines doing things better than humans.


In 1997, when IBM’s Deep Blue won against the reigning chess champion Garry Kasparov, it used brute force computing power to evaluate 200 million chess positions a second, and compared these to previous games in order to beat the grand master. Is that true artificial intelligence? Opinion is divided.


In reality, it’s only since 2010 the technology has snowballed. From machine learning we now deep learning, and it’s evolving at a rapid rate. The most popular tool, TensorFlow, was only open sourced by Google in 2015. The results of all this collective effort are slowly encroaching on everyday life.


Better pattern recognition means we now have voice-controlled devices in our home and phones that can unlock by capturing a likeness of our face. However, the biggest near-term value of machine learning mostly lies in slightly better decision making – reducing waste and effort, improve pricing or making more sales. A few percent on the bottom line is the difference between a great year and failure for many businesses.


As a PR agency, we’ve been talking about digital transformation for some time now. Becoming a digitally-led business is about making decisions based on fact – i.e. data – and machine learning is the enabler to make this happen.


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Putting AI into Retail

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Marketing takes many forms, talk to us about how we can support your marketing goals.