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BrightBee Communications

Blockchain and Crypto Spotlight

We are the only technology PR and marketing agency which also specialises in the particular needs of blockchain and crypto companies – ICOs, STOs and VC-funded.

Blockchain Spotlight – PR and marketing support after your ICO

Blockchain Spotlight – What next after the ICO? STOs and how to succeed with a crypto startup

Blockchain Spotlight – Marketing Blockchain startups, an introduction


Working in technology PR we have our fingers on the pulse of what the journalists are talking about, and right now blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the latest hot-topics. However, with blockchain start-ups measuring their existence in weeks and months, not years, it’s a fluid area and mainstream journalists don’t know which start-ups are credible and which are not much better than get-rich quick schemes. Without a full understanding of the community and ethos behind blockchain, it’s not surprising they are finding it tough going.


This means cryptocurrency and blockchain is great opportunity for PR, with our years of fintech experience we bring credibility to your brand and use our contacts to position you in the mainstream press. We can also advise on your communications strategy, build and deliver a content plan and engage your community.


ICO Experience

We’ve worked with a number of projects from concept through to fundraising (either private or public sale), and on to product delivery. This is a selection of the ICOs we’ve worked on:

July 2018
$28.5 million

June 2018
$12.6 million

March 2018
$14.6 million

February 2018
$15 million

October 2017
$13.1 million

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In a nutshell


Marketing takes many forms, talk to us about how we can support your marketing goals.


We work with your business objectives to create a sound PR strategy; one that places the right message, in the right media, for the right audience. We pride ourselves on delivering tangible results and work in a transparent way, measuring our progress every step of the way.


The way we consume our information is evolving. This presents a challenge: How do you reach today’s fragmented audiences? We’ve always been storytellers, but today that story must work for a multitude of platforms, whether that’s a blog, newspaper, radio, online magazine, a photo story, a newsletter or social media.

Social Media

All our campaigns integrate social media. Done correctly, it's an extremely cost-effective way to interact with your target audience, generating relationships that lead to sales. Every tweet or post is measured for impact and we make sure it all counts towards your end goals.


Events are the best way to speak face to face with your potential customers. We can work with you to secure speaking opportunities, arrange stands and secure interviews with influential journalists and analysts


Analysts have the power to influence the market. We help you develop the right relationships and keep analysts informed on your behalf, ensuring you are front of mind for industry reports.


The medium of video has become more important in marketing. As part of the overriding content strategy, we come up with concepts that will get you noticed, that push your messages further and work with our associate videographers to create the video.

Nutshell Nodes
Marketing takes many forms, talk to us about how we can support your marketing goals.