Bright Bee was founded in 2011, and its focus has always been on cutting-edge technology – big data, artificial intelligence, fintech and now, blockchain. Our technical knowledge underpins all we do.

Our experience sets us apart – one of the co-founders worked for 12 years in technology and fintech, and the other has 18 years of marketing and PR experience.

Although our heritage is PR, we cover all aspects of marketing and can work with you as your outsourced marketing function or in a tightly defined PR role.

We approach each client with a three-phase strategy for blockchain startups:

1. Evaluate the project. We take the time to understand your project – the whitepaper, technical overview and overall concept. We’ll look at any current marketing strategy or work you’ve done, and talk to you in-depth about the project. We work out the strength of the brand, messaging and the best angle for your go-to-market strategy.

2. Construct an integrated marketing strategy. We’ll consider all options – from paid media, earned media, owned media, social/community platforms, events, campaigns and influencers, and recommend a strategy that makes the best use of your available budget.

3. Execute on the strategy. From PR to paid advertising, we’ll execute on the plan and constantly re-evaluate the marketing spent to ensure you’re getting a positive ROI on your spend.

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