As many of our clients discovered, running a successful ICO is hugely challenging and takes a lot more time and effort than expected. However, once the bulk of the ICO work is complete and funds have been raised, attention quickly focuses to what happens next? Marketing an ICO is quite different to building a long-term marketing strategy.

Most startups in the post-ICO phase find themselves with three immediate requirements:

1. Exchange listings to prepare and plan for. It doesn’t take long for vocal token holders to start asking about when they can expect an exchange listing. However, it takes time to negotiate terms with exchanges and also the timing needs to be right – you want a listing to occur when there is demand to buy your token, not just so the ICO token holders can cash out. Your communications strategy is key to timing it right.

2. Supporters and token holders to communicate to. You now have a large community of advocates and supporters and they want to hear about the great partnerships you’re developing and milestones reached on the road-map. Too many ICOs go dark after raising the funds, but keeping the community updated will ensure they stay loyal.

3. A brand to build. Most ICOs are looking beyond the immediate world of crypto for their user-base so you need to build traction in the real-world, and get people excited about the products or services you plan to deliver. This is where traditional PR comes in, and targeting mainstream, vertical, tech and business press will help to get the word out there.

Fortunately, Bright Bee is here to help!

Most of our crypto clients are post-ICO and the benefit for these clients is our seven years of experience in traditional technology PR and marketing. An ICO PR campaign is quite different to developing a long-term post-ICO PR strategy, and we understand the differences and are experts in both.

We can help and advise on marketing too, either supporting the existing marketing head or acting as your outsourced marketing function.

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