Last Friday the Bright Bee team spent a lovely afternoon at Kensington Roof Gardens as part of the Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards 2017. We were thrilled to have been nominated for ‘PR Campaign of the Year’ for our work with EXASOL— and ended up taking home our first award!


Bright Bee Team with EXASOL’s Dave Shuttleworth


The Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards celebrate exceptional marketing achievements by B2B companies who have met and exceeded their business targets throughout the past two years. They recognise innovative marketing campaigns as well as creative usage of various media platforms, data and lead generation. Some of the judges include representatives from Incisive Media, Cisco and CA Technologies.

‘PR Campaign of the Year’—the category Bright Bee was nominated for and ultimately won—recognises excellence in brands’ use of PR activities and activation, along with partner marketing initiatives. Judges were seeking a well thought-out campaign that considered context, audience, timing and virality.

On the day of the awards we were treated to exceptionally sunny weather, an alfresco BBQ, and an extraordinary rapper comedian who made for a superbly entertaining awards presentation. Afterwards we explored the beautiful gardens, surrounded by freely roaming flamingos and stunning views of the city. What a great way to celebrate!

We have now been presented with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our award-winning campaign for EXASOL, a company that helps businesses optimise their performance by analysing data and information at unprecedented speeds. In recent years EXASOL has been focused on one thing only: creating the best in-memory analytic database.

As EXASOL’s PR representative, Bright Bee faced the challenge of how to PR a database. Not only to reach their target of the top B2B technology publications like Computing—but also a wider, national audience.

Luckily, Bright Bee has a data scientist as one of its founders. We ended up leveraging our technology background in order to provide the foundation for the campaign, which used data analytics. In 2016, we ran three campaigns focusing on different areas of prescribing: Extreme Allergies, Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity and Antibiotics.

Our analysis of the prescriptions of extreme allergy medication—which found a huge disparity across the country with the highest prescribing rate found in the home countries—was released in advance of Allergy Awareness Week and run exclusively in The Sunday Times. We also had a ‘most popular story of the day’ with the BBC news and articles published in The Sun, The Guardian, Independent and other publications:

We were also on local and national radio- and perhaps our proudest moment was when EXASOL CEO’s UK-based mother heard the EXASOL piece on the radio: a true measure of virality and audience reach!

Additionally, our campaign delivered 20 leads to EXASOL’s pipeline, showcasing that PR can have a real impact on sales. We are grateful to EXASOL for trusting us to deliver for them and for giving us the opportunity to produce truly tangible results. Thanks guys – here’s to many more successful campaigns.

Thank you EXASOL and Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards!

The Award-Winning Bright Bee Team