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BrightBee Communications


Bright Bee specialises in promoting clients with cutting-edge technology

Bright Bee is an award-winning agency which was founded over seven years ago. We bring a wealth of technology PR experience to our clients from years of working with cutting-edge technology. Our team is a mix of computer scientists, engineers and communications experts.

We work within a number of specialist areas:

Enterprise Technology

Enterprise technology has changed immeasurably in recent years. Just 15 years ago, the norm was that large enterprise ran its own data centres. Software and services ran on servers in these owned data centres, and most of the administration from the database administrators to the data centre support engineers worked for the enterprise.

Fast-forward to the present day and it’s a mix of legacy on-premise software and newer cloud-based software. Enterprise no longer wants to run its own data centres or hire staff that aren’t core to the business operations.

We are firmly in the age of digital transformation, where technology stops being a cost centre and becomes a profit centre. 

Better technology provides a competitive advantage. More than that, it’s an insurance policy against the digital disruptors, which are ready to take on enterprise and change the status quo.

From a communications perspective, enterprise technology is a well-trodden path with a stable ecosystem of B2B publications covering the space. But there is still a rich vein of ever-changing opinion and technology. Enterprise needs to be more agile than ever and it is embracing new technologies quicker than ever before – just look at how quickly and fully IBM embraced AI and blockchain, yet on the other hand it still makes significant revenue selling mainframe servers.

Find out more about our Enterprise Technology expertise in our downloadable brochure.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Since 2010, machine learning technology evolution has snowballed and we see the results in everyday life – from voice-controlled devices in our home and phones that can unlock by capturing a likeness of our face. For businesses, machine learning technology can make the difference between a profitable year and a loss, it’s allowing businesses to make better decisions that impact their bottom line. It also allows business to potentially offer innovative new services.

As a PR agency, we’ve been talking about digital transformation for some time now. Becoming a digitally-led business is about making decisions based on fact – i.e. data – and machine learning is the enabler to make this happen.

Find out more about our AI expertise in our AI and ML spotlight mini-site.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Towards the end of 2017, Bitcoin was elevated to front page news and everyone started talking about it. However, it’s the underlying technology of blockchain that is fascinating and revolutionary, and we are still in the very early days of discovering what it’s capable of. It already has clear use-cases, with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin we have a decentralised form of value exchange that means we can securely send payments across the world for pennies.

Within financial services blockchain can reduce paperwork and costs for trade reconciliation, in logistics it can act as an immutable record of the movement of goods through the supply chain and it is a powerful tool for disintermediation – cutting out the middlemen in transactions from property to music streaming.

Find out more about our Blockchain expertise in our Blockchain spotlight mini-site.

Cloud Services

Bright Bee has always specialised in cloud services, from the early days of public cloud and traditional hosted solutions to the modern hybrid cloud options, and all the services that sit on top of or in front of cloud infrastructure.

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, we monitor the latest trends and ensure you’re ahead of the curve. Whether it’s commenting on the emerging field of AIOps or an OpEd comparing serverless computing to containerisation for machine-agnostic abstractions, we’re ready to lead the debate, and put your brand in lights.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Big data was the massive tech buzzword of the early 2010s. As an agency, we wrote about it extensively for a number of years – as did the wider media. As storage became cheaper, and buoyed by new technology such as Hadoop Map-Reduce and public cloud, it became possible to crunch large datasets on commodity hardware relatively easy – and some businesses got fantastic results from big data analytics. For instance, in 2015 we wrote the case study on King Digital Entertainment, makers of the Candy Crush games, and how they used data analytics to make the game even more addictive.

However, as a subject area it has matured – we talk less about big data today, and more about being smart with data, or digitally transforming business to make data-led decisions. This is where the modern concepts of data analytics and business intelligence come in – we now focus on what we can do with data, and how to derive business benefits from it.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is an increasingly important consideration for businesses as cyber attacks become more sophisticated and more damaging.

Businesses now have to contend with ransomware, data breaches, phishing emails, social engineering, web hacks, and DDoS attacks. In addition, as more and more business data is stored with third parties, it’s not just internal systems that we need to secure.

In 2018, GDPR rules came into effect making the consequences of EU data breaches financial as well as reputational, and setting new expectations around notifications and reporting if personal data has been leaked.

The result is that businesses need to be end-to-end cyber secure, and there’s a growing ecosystem of companies offering services from intrusion detection and advanced DDoS monitoring software at the network end, to cyber security awareness training at the employee end.

Bright Bee has a long history of working within cyber security, and our security technology clients have offered expert opinion for many recent cyber attacks. The research we have carried out for clients into cyber security has been referenced by publications around the world.

Financial Technology

We have a number of vertical sector focuses and fintech is one of our strongest. One of Bright Bee’s founders spent over 13 years working in investment banking trading on the tech side, and the use of technology in financial services is a major area of expertise – from regtech to payments technology, from investment banks through to challenger banks.

It’s a vertical that is changing rapidly, both from the point of view of how consumers and professionals interact with the banks, but also the changing nature of regulation and compliance – and the changes in technology that evolve as a result.

In a nutshell


Marketing takes many forms, talk to us about how we can support your marketing goals.


We work with your business objectives to create a sound PR strategy; one that places the right message, in the right media, for the right audience. We pride ourselves on delivering tangible results and work in a transparent way, measuring our progress every step of the way.


The way we consume our information is evolving. This presents a challenge: How do you reach today’s fragmented audiences? We’ve always been storytellers, but today that story must work for a multitude of platforms, whether that’s a blog, newspaper, radio, online magazine, a photo story, a newsletter or social media.

Social Media

All our campaigns integrate social media. Done correctly, it's an extremely cost-effective way to interact with your target audience, generating relationships that lead to sales. Every tweet or post is measured for impact and we make sure it all counts towards your end goals.


Events are the best way to speak face to face with your potential customers. We can work with you to secure speaking opportunities, arrange stands and secure interviews with influential journalists and analysts


Analysts have the power to influence the market. We help you develop the right relationships and keep analysts informed on your behalf, ensuring you are front of mind for industry reports.


The medium of video has become more important in marketing. As part of the overriding content strategy, we come up with concepts that will get you noticed, that push your messages further and work with our associate videographers to create the video.

Nutshell Nodes
Marketing takes many forms, talk to us about how we can support your marketing goals.